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The Refuge offers holistic and evidence-based residential treatment in a serene, secluded healing environment for prescription painkiller addiction recovery, moving beyond the symptoms to resolve the underlying issues.

Learn More About Painkiller Addiction Treatment

Learn more about prescription painkiller addiction treatment at The Refuge, A Healing Place

Prescription painkillers contain opioids, which are either derived from the flowers of the opium poppy or are semi-synthetic substitutes manufactured in a laboratory. Prescription painkillers attach themselves to the opioid receptors in the brain – the same receptors that the street drug heroin binds to – that prevent the perception of pain in those who struggle with chronic pain. Many individuals use prescription painkillers under their doctor’s guidance as a means of controlling moderate to severe pain caused by accidents, injuries, cancer, and burns and do not develop an addiction. For some, however, addiction to prescription painkillers occurs.

Nobody begins to take OxyContin or Vicodin with the intention of becoming an addict. No one in their right mind would pop a pill that would later cause homelessness, loss of friendships and support from loved ones, or trouble with the law. Unfortunately, abuse of prescription painkillers is a growing problem in the United States. Many people who abuse prescription painkillers do so to create the feelings of happiness and emotional well-being caused by these narcotics. Some of these people are struggling with co-occurring disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder and use prescription painkillers as an attempt to “self-medicate” the symptoms of their untreated disorder. Unfortunately, this type of behavior can slowly cause addiction, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms.

Some individuals who abuse prescription painkillers also use other drugs at the same time, which can be extremely dangerous. Combining prescription pain pills with other downers such as benzodiazepines or alcohol can increase the risks for respiratory depression, which can be fatal. The usage of prescription painkillers with stimulants such as meth or cocaine can lead to severe cardiac complications and death.

If you’ve developed an addiction to prescription painkillers, you may feel as though your life has hit bottom. What began as a way to unwind has turned into a terrible beast you are powerless against. The empathetic staff at our prescription painkiller abuse treatment center is here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you and that you can beat your addiction. We’ll arm you with the weapons you need to fight prescription painkiller addiction and help you battle your demons so that you can emerge the other side victorious.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider The Refuge as a treatment center for painkiller addiction

Addiction and dependence upon prescription painkillers can leave you socially isolated and alone, as though you have nowhere to turn. You may find that you’re unable to stay out of trouble with the law and may be facing the consequences of your abuse in front of a judge. You may realize you can’t hold down a job or pay your bills, leaving you destitute and afraid. Prescription painkiller addiction may have caused you to lose hope, as though nothing will ever improve.

We understand your concerns and we’ve helped countless individuals just like you to overcome their addiction to prescription painkillers at our treatment center. Our warm and welcoming environment is the perfect place for you to slowly begin the process of getting sober and learn the keys to successful recovery from your prescription painkiller addiction. When you’re at The Refuge, you’re safe from the outside world.

Our Philosophy

Our treatment center’s philosophy and treatment benefits

Our prescription painkillers addiction treatment center is committed to seeing you as more than a constellation of symptoms – we know that you’re a whole person. We’ll spend a great deal of time getting to know you, the real you so that we can learn from your hopes and dreams, your needs and wants, and ways we can successfully help you on your journey. We know that recovery from prescription painkillers isn’t an easy road, but we’re here to guide you along your path to sobriety. As a holistic treatment center, we focus on treating the whole you – mind, body, and soul.

Types of Treatment

Types of painkiller addiction treatment offered at The Refuge, A Healing Place

When you come to us for help handling your prescription painkiller addiction, you’ll first undergo a series of tests to help us formulate a plan of care for your stay with us. Our medical examination will determine your level of dependence upon prescription pain pills and diagnose any medical problems that may have resulted from your usage. The results of our psychological examination will determine the presence of any co-occurring mental disorders as well as any other traumas you may have been through. We’ll take the results of your examinations and work alongside you to create a treatment plan that is as unique as you are.

If it is determined that you are physically dependent upon prescription painkillers, you may first undergo our detox services. At our addiction rehab center, we understand that the idea of a detox treatment can be frightening, which is why we’ll take a great deal of time to explain what we are doing it before it occurs. This prevents any unnecessary surprises. Our painkiller addiction treatment center team will then successfully remove all of the drugs in your body in a safe and effective manner and begin treatment for any medical ailments you may be suffering from. When you have been deemed medically stable, you will then transfer to our painkiller addiction treatment center.

At our nationally recognized rehab center, we’ve learned that the best treatment for prescription painkiller addiction is a combination of medication, detox, and residential therapies. Medication may be used at the beginning of your stay with us in order to manage any co-occurring disorders or reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. Most individuals who take medication are able to slowly taper down the dosage as they learn more effective coping strategies. However, some individuals may be placed on medication in the long-term to manage co-occurring disorders. The usage of medication will be based on the findings of the treatment team.

Individual therapy is offered to allow you some time alone with a therapist to delve into issues that may be uncomfortable to share in group therapy. You’ll be able to explore the ways in which addiction has impacted your life, management of triggers, controlling your anger, and prevention of relapse. You’ll also work to discover the reasons behind your addiction and begin to process these.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an important component of therapy at our prescription painkillers addiction treatment center. Our negative thought patterns have an effect on the ways in which we view the world. We’ll work to discover these negative thoughts and correct them so that you are able to see the world in a more positive manner. This, in turn, should help the ways in which you behave.

Group therapy: For anyone suffering from addiction, we’ve learned that group therapy can be invaluable. Through the group, you’ll have the chance to work with others who are experiencing similar struggles and tackle them together. We offer process-based groups that will allow you the opportunity to work through your emotions about topics such as anger management, relapse prevention, and coping skills. Our psychoeducational groups are designed to provide more information about a given topic such as addiction, recovery, and sobriety.

Family therapy: Addiction is often called a family disease because it affects all members of a family. Our residential addiction treatment center is dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to mend broken bonds with your loved ones. Family therapy sessions will focus on education of your loved ones about addiction, recovery, and tips for continued sobriety. We’ll also provide your loved ones with connections to available community resources such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon.

Our rehab center is a holistic healing place designed to treat all facets that make you a unique individual, we offer a variety of evidence-based methods to complement traditional treatments. Based on need and availability, these therapeutic methods may include the following:

  • A.A. and N.A.
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Breath work
  • Adventure therapy
  • Massage
  • Bodywork
  • EMDR

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for painkiller addiction at The Refuge, A Healing Place

As your stay with us draws to a close, we’ll work alongside you to create an aftercare plan that addresses your continued therapeutic needs. If it is determined that you’d benefit from a more intensive aftercare services, we may recommend that you enroll in our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or an intensive outpatient program (IOP). If you feel you’ve made enough progress in our treatment center that you’re ready to return to a stable home environment, we will provide you with referrals to local outpatient therapy providers as well as connections to available community resources such as A.A. and N.A.

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