Premier Residential Program Treating Adults with PTSD, Addiction, Depression and Co-Occurring Disorders

Pick up the pieces

Life just wasn’t going my way. But I wanted it to. The Refuge helped me pick up the pieces. I feel so good now.

- Sophia N.

Why Choose The Refuge?

The Refuge is committed to meeting the needs of our clients by providing the highest level of quality trauma, addiction, and mood disorders treatment. Person-Centered Care is a driving force behind treatment planning and the delivery of those services. Each client is encouraged to explore his or her strengths, needs, abilities and preferences in order to heal and recover from substance abuse, trauma, process addictions and other disorders.

Welcome to The Refuge.

The Refuge, a Healing Place is a 30 day to one year residential treatment program that specializes in PTSD, Trauma, Depression, Substance Abuse and Process Addictions.

We believe that chemical dependency, trauma/PTSD, mood disorders and process addictions are treatable illnesses and that recovery and remission can occur with proper treatment. The focus of the program is on physical, spiritual, and emotional healing through client centered care using a combination of addiction treatment cognitive behavioral therapy, 12 step recovery and holistic modalities and approaches. The use of education, group and individual counseling, behavior management and peer support are ways to introduce and reinforce abstinence and move the patient into a productive lifestyle with ongoing involvement in recovery. This is accomplished through the collaborative efforts of a highly competent and motivated multidisciplinary staff.

Our approach can best be described as long term, experiential treatment. We believe that trauma is centered in the nervous system. Telling the story in a nature setting like The Refuge, and not a hospital setting, helps the nervous system process the trauma and lessen trauma reactivity. This alleviates the need for maladaptive coping mechanisms, many of which exhibit themselves as substance or process addictions. We also believe that there is no one specific way to do the trauma work. Each nervous system is different and the path to recovery is different for each individual. To that end we use many modalities and interventions.

While at The Refuge, you can expect our highly accredited staff to help guide and nurture you back to a healthy state of living. Many of your days will be filled with two or more group/individual sessions, meditation, yoga, 12 step based meetings and outdoor activities. While not with a therapist, you might find yourself seeking advice from one of our many staff members that have successfully recovered from all kinds of addictions and/or have survived devastating trauma/PTSD as well. From the moment you arrive at The Refuge, you will breathe in the richness of an environment full of the purity of nature.

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