Treatment Outcomes

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The Refuge is committed to providing the highest quality of treatment services, and one the methods that we use to measure our quality is through the use of surveys. Below are several graphs containing data on The Refuge’s treatment outcomes.

Residential Treatment Satisfaction

In an effort to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their services, The Refuge conducts satisfaction surveys upon discharge. Physical, spiritual, and emotional healing, coupled with client-centered care, are at the core of our philosophy, and we want to make sure that that is reflected in the success our clients achieve.

Post-Discharge Tracking

In continuing to maintain our commitment to the clients we serve, alumni tracking and post discharge progress is followed. One of the surveys we utilize is the 1 year post discharge where our alumni are tracked on a monthly basis. Since the Refuge’s inception we have been able clients over the years however we received the highest response for the 1 year post discharge.

The scale addresses abstinence, taking steps towards recovery, responsible for recovery, physical improvement, social functioning improvement, improvements with relationship and family, positive life events, relapse within 6 months and improvements in trauma symptoms.

Of the clients who admitted to relapsing, 47% reported that they were able to get back on track within the first month after relapse, 22% indicate that they returned to treatment and are doing well and 30% reported that they continue to struggle.

Positive life events include, regaining relationships, returning to their job and career, returning to school, graduate school, switching careers, getting married and having children.

Improvements in trauma reactions 85% reported that they were able to utilize skills gained in treatment and that there was a decrease in symptoms. Additionally they reported being able to ask for help.

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