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The residential program at The Refuge allows our clients to reside with us and engage in a variety of therapies and treatment modalities. Individualized treatment plans build the foundation for lifelong recovery.

Residential Treatment Vision

Our vision at The Refuge is to care for each client individually by:

  • Providing comprehensive  clinical, medical and social assessments to each client in order to better understand social and cultural needs as well as their abilities and coping strategies.
  • Providing a treatment approach that is based on each client’s individual assessment, strengths and abilities.
  • Encouraging all clients to be involved in every aspect of their residential treatment plan.
  • Providing an environment that promotes safety and containment where clients can feel secure enough to address unresolved trauma while learning to maintain emotional regulation and employ self-care strategies.
  • Offering a wide variety of services to clients to include intensive therapy for substance abuse, process addictions, trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder, co-dependency, family healing, dual diagnosis and impaired professionals.

The Refuge is one of the nation’s leaders in trauma and addictions treatment. Since 2003, our residential treatment program has specialized in treating trauma/PTSD, substance abuse, process addictions and co-occurring disorders. The Refuge uses evidence based practices and holistic modalities to assist clients from around the world in uncovering the layers of trauma and underlying issues that have caused their lives to become unmanageable.

What To Expect

The Refuge program consists of two therapy groups per day, individual therapy sessions, plus therapeutic recreation activities daily. A series of individual and group assignments are used to help the client identify and make sense of past experiences and the coping abilities that developed over time.  These coping abilities might have included addiction, eating disorders, self-harm, and other behaviors which make sense when understood in the context of trauma, yet are not adaptive in the present. Often the healing process of the group lies in clients realizing that they are not alone, and that others support and honor them, even when they feel unworthy.  Over time, and with extraordinary bravery and hard work, clients come to feel whole and understand that recovery is possible!

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