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At The Refuge, we strive to build strong relationships with professionals and their clients to ensure that those who heal with us receive the highest quality of treatment available.

About Our Professional Referral Program

We appreciate the professional referrals we receive from others in the field – it is the lifeblood of our business, and we do not take this trust placed in us lightly. As you may already know, The Refuge is a premier treatment center specializing in trauma and addiction. We firmly believe that there are those who cannot achieve lasting, true sobriety until their underlying trauma is resolved. In fact, we feel that trauma is a leading cause of relapse and the reason so many become “chronic relapsers.” It is with this in mind that we render our quality treatment process, which includes a combination of clinical therapeutic applications, 12-step recovery, holistic approaches, and evidence-based modalities. Professional referrals are welcome.

Our treatment is person-centered, and conducted in the safe and serene setting of our campus in the Ocala National Forest of Central Florida. We consider our referents to be a part of the treatment team of the clients they refer – our goal is success.

What You Can Expect

  • Seamless reception of referral-based inquiries
  • Reinforcement of the relationship between the referent and the family/client
  • A smooth intake process
  • Initial establishment of communication between the treatment team and the referent
  • Continued communication during the treatment course
  • Immediate communication of any issues affecting the treatment process
  • Inclusion of the referent in the discharge planning process
  • Consideration of referring the client back to the referent for ongoing care after treatment, if practical
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  • Unfortunately, we do not take Medicare or Medicaid at this time.
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