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Families play an important role in the healing process. The family week program at The Refuge allows our clients and their families to participate in a variety of lectures, groups and therapy sessions to mend relationships and encourage lifelong recovery.

About Our Family Week Program

The family week program is designed to help our clients and their families become more aware of both the disease of addiction and how PTSD affects the dynamics occurring within the family system. Together you will learn better ways to share your thoughts and feelings with each other. You will learn new ways to help each other while helping yourselves. You will learn how to play together and how to relax together. You will learn how to love without judgment or anger. You will learn to share your true spirits with one another.

How Does Our Family Week Program Work

The family week program is a combination of educational lectures, process groups, and individual family sessions. Families will learn techniques which will promote healthy communication. Families will learn their roles in the family addiction and how to break free from these vicious cycles.

Why Our Family Week Program Works

Research on experiences teach us that when families work together in support of one another, the dysfunctional cycles can be broken and patterns of behavior can be changed, and that miracles do happen. In doing this, families can exist within a healthier structure with improved boundaries, less stress and more serenity. We look forward to sharing this new way of life with you.

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