This Post Was Written For YOU

This post was written for YOU!

If you are reading this right now, please believe me when I tell you that you are important and that you are worthy of love. You, just by being you, are unique and you are enough. There is nothing that you or anyone else could say or do that could ever take that away. Your experiences in life will likely try to tell you differently and condition you to believe the lie that you are nothing more than another standard face in a sea of standard faces. The truth is this: there is nothing standard about you.


The best science can figure, the odds that things would line up through history and you would be born are around 400 trillion to one. That number is beyond impossible. Statistically speaking, you are so wildly unlikely to exist and the fact you do exist is nothing short of astounding.

The following poem does not begin to do justice to the fact that against unfathomable odds you are here with all of us,
but perhaps it might just help you begin to see that you are intricate and exceptional and how truly worthy you are of love.


1: 400,000,000,000,000


the entire whole of you…

you are majesty unimaginable.

The forever roar on the seashore,

the infinite expanse of the night sky,

the entirety of all forms of language,

could never approach the splendor of you.


the entire whole of you…

you are worth that is immeasurable.

All, to the most minuscule flake, of every precious metal,

Even down to the dust from every exquisite stone,

or the accumulated wealth of the entirety of our planet,

could never approach the treasure that is you.


You are one.

The only one that is you.

Each domino fell perfectly through history,

Despite the incomprehensible odds,

and you arrived.


About Brian Freeman, MA, Registered MH Intern, EMDR Trained

Brian has a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University. He is a former middle school teacher with a heart for serving others that  learned the value of being the part of a winning team from his years playing basketball at the college level. He deeply loves his family and has a great appreciation for the outdoors and writing.

Since joining the Refuge team in 2017, Brian has made it his goal to help our clients feel as comfortable as possible during their time with us.

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