Miracles Happen Here

By: Denise Cannon
Director of Nursing, The Refuge – A Healing Place

I had made up my mind. I was set out to write a blog on Transformation in Recovery. As I started to review this process I realized as I look all around me how hard everyone works and contributes to make this happen. I am sure you have heard the saying it takes a” village” to raise a child. It’s the same process for clients here. It takes the village to make this process happen for our clients. The out pouring of love and support each and every person has for all of the client’s here is absolutely phenomenal.

From the moment a potential client calls our admission’s team to the process of being admitted. Which then leads to the Client care techs, Medical team, Case management and our Clinical team. Let’s not forget all the other departments that work behind the scenes to make the Refuge such a beautiful place. I think about all of the moving parts that work together to make The Refuge work and I have to step back and watch with amazement.

Being a nurse here at the Refuge, you get the opportunity to see and experience every client that comes here for treatment. Whether it’s in the med room, out and about in the community or down at the Lodge during meals our nursing staff develop a relationship with all the clients in some way, shape or form.

In my time here at The Refuge I have seen that the path to recovery is such a different experience for each client. It raises the question, What is Recovery? I guess that depends on who is asking. It can mean many different things and I believe it is very individualized. Part of Recovery process is recognizing there is an existing problem. There are reasons why people do the things they do. It’s getting down to the core and working with each client as they go through their process. Establishing real bonds and relationships. The ability to truly express their truths. They are rebuilding their lives from the ground up, entrusting us to help them.

It’s about STRENGTH, EMPOWERMENT, SELF RESPONSIBILITY, GROWTH, CHANGE, and RESPECT as well as a Community of their peers holding each other accountable for their actions.

Clients are vulnerable when they are in the process of upheaval. But you can see the change as they start to feel it with in themselves.  It causes an individual to see things in a different light which in turn makes them do things differently. This is the start of the process of what Transformation is all about. We watch this change happen.  We know how hard client’s work to get to this point. Getting through the Anxiety, anger, tears, sleepless nights and pain with love and support. We watch as they put themselves back together again.  The process is different for everyone. This is part of what makes our job here so unique and very special. We are very proud of our clients when they are ready to leave and go out and face the world again. Knowing how hard they have worked to get to where they are going next. There is a sign on campus that says “Miracle’s happen here” and  I can say that statement is very true.  Miracles walk in our doors every day. These beautifully broken survivors who have endured such difficult lives who come here to learn and heal and regain the light that had been lost in their eyes. They become these beautifully healed, thriving, survivors who then go on to live the life they had always dreamed of! Miracles truly do happen here and I get to see them every day!