The Courage To Make The Call

By: Krystal Bush, MSW
Admissions Coordinator

One thing that all of our clients, past and present, have in common is that their journey to recovery started with a phone call.  This is for all of those brave souls that made that call on their own and for the loved ones who called on their behalf.

Everyday we receive many phone calls from people who are struggling in life.  People who have suffered in the past, who continue to suffer in their present, and who see nothing but darkness all around them. It is this darkness and despair that drives these people or their loved ones to pick up the phone and make the call to us.  I believe that this call is the moment that somewhere within themselves they understand that the night can only last for so long and after even the darkest of evenings will follow a new brighter day.  I have heard so many callers express self-hate, hopelessness, and worthlessness, yet they have not given up; they know, somewhere deep inside them, that they are worth it.

After everything our clients have been through with the trials and tribulations that they face each and every minute of each and every day they find within themselves one last piece of hope, because they are worth it.   This hope shines just brightly enough within them to awaken the secret that has always been there, waiting for the right moment to come from out from the shadows to reveal to them the courage that they have buried deep within.  The secret is that they believe in themselves.  That they believe in their brother, sister, mother, father, daughter, son, or best friend.  This realization, this understanding, this amazing moment of hope, gives them the courage to save themselves or their loved one by making just one more call.

There is never a guarantee of sobriety or recovery but without taking that leap of faith you will never know what could be. Making that phone call could be the first step in finding the hope and encouragement needed to start that journey to possible recovery.  It won’t be an easy journey.  It will take hard work, it will uncover things that have been buried deep within, it will be emotionally painful, there will be stumbles, and there will be falls.  However, along with all of that, it will also drive you head first into life as it was meant to be.  Life with better coping skills, the strength to overcome the things that are determined to bring you crashing down, and the courage to keep moving forward.

If there is one thing that I could express to all of those out there who are struggling with a darkness in their lives, a darkness determined to drive out every last piece of light, it is this: you are worth it.  Make this your hope.  Make this your light.  Make this your courage.  The courage to wake up just one more time and look within yourself to see that there is more to life than infinite darkness.  There is more to you than despair.  Believe in yourself just one more time because you are worth it.  This is your moment and here is your courage.