Experiential Therapies

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Healing from a behavioral health concern, a substance use disorder, or the effects of trauma looks different for each person. At The Refuge, A Healing Place, we provide a wide array of expressive and experiential therapies to offer our clients the greatest chance for success. 


Breathwork involves consciously focusing on your breathing to relax and improve your emotional balance and awareness. At The Refuge, A Healing Place, we use the Holotropic Breathwork® approach, which combines specifically selected music with an accelerated breathing pattern. 

Participants typically set an intention before breathwork sessions begin and are encouraged to express whatever thoughts or emotions emerge throughout the session. Our clinicians are available for support as needed, and clients are welcome to share their experiences at the end of each breathwork session. 

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy incorporates horses into the therapeutic process, which typically involves having participants engage in activities like grooming, feeding, and leading a horse under the supervision of a certified equine therapist. 

Working with horses in a therapeutic setting can have many benefits, such as helping clients build their confidence, learn to regulate their emotions, and feel more comfortable expressing themselves. Horses are also sensitive to emotions and often mirror clients’ behaviors and feelings, offering clients nonjudgmental feedback and allowing them to be in the moment. 

Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive art therapy can be a powerful way for people who are struggling with substance use disorders and behavioral health concerns to explore their feelings and process painful memories. This type of therapy can also be beneficial for those who have experienced trauma and are struggling to find the words to express themselves. 

During expressive art therapy sessions at our facility in Ocklawaha, Florida, we incorporate a full range of art media, including painting, drawing, and sculpture. Participants choose what they create, allowing them to express themselves in their own way and at their own pace. 


When performed by a professional, massages can be an effective complement to behavioral health counseling. Massages can reduce pain, ease tension, and offer the warmth of human touch. For many people, those physical benefits can extend to the emotional, reducing symptoms of conditions like depression and anxiety. 

At The Refuge, we recognize how beneficial massage can be for people who are struggling with behavioral health concerns, substance use disorders, and the effects of trauma. Our clients have the option to add massage to their care plan at any time during their stay at our Ocklawaha, Florida, facility.  


While meditation was originally used to deepen a person’s understanding of the sacred, today many people use meditation to relax and reduce their stress levels. Meditation for relaxation and stress reduction involves focusing your attention, with the goal of eliminating any unnecessary thoughts that might be causing distress. In doing so, people who practice meditation often feel calmer, more peaceful, and more emotionally balanced. 

We offer chakra meditation at The Refuge, during which participants can learn about the chakra energy centers in the body, how they relate to music and colors, and how to connect them with the mind, body, and spirit. Clients set positive intentions before taking part in chakra meditations, which are accompanied by live music, after which they have the chance to process and share their experiences. 

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Developed specifically for people who are struggling with the effects of trauma or have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma-sensitive yoga is a hatha style of yoga that has been modified to empower participants to develop a more positive relationship with their bodies. Rather than focus on correct forms and movement, this style of yoga focuses on what the participant is experiencing internally, with the goal of restoring the mind/body connection. 

During yoga sessions at The Refuge, participants are encouraged to notice what is happening inside their bodies. This promotes greater mindfulness, self-awareness, and the ability to recognize and tolerate sensations within the body. Many clients who take part in trauma-sensitive yoga at our Ocklawaha, Florida, facility learn to better regulate their emotions and regain a sense of safety within their body. 

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