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Mike Ransaw

Clinical Director

Mr. Mike Ransaw brings over two decades of leadership experience in Human Services including Inpatient Psychiatric Care, Residential Treatment Services, and Outpatient Mental & Behavioral Health Care. Mike is a State of Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Mental Health Supervisor with extensive experience in Counseling & Therapy, Leadership & Administration, Work Performance Improvement, Program Evaluation & Analysis; and Implementing Management Systems and Internal Processes. Mike has a B.S. Degree in Psychology from Troy University and proudly lettered as a member of the Troy University Trojans Football Team. In addition, he earned a MS Degree in Counseling from Barry University and an ED.S Degree in Leadership & Administration from Nova Southeastern University. Mike is the author of “New Approaches to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling” published in the US Library of Congress and is active in various community advocacy projects while serving on advisory boards addressing issues involving mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, education and delinquency prevention.

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