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Krista Wagner, LMHC


Krista is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 15 years of experience in the field of Mental Health Care. She began her time in this field with 6 years of experience, working with clients seeking recovery in relation to eating disorders, depression, anxiety and OCD. She continued her career counseling families in an in-home setting, then moving to a residential treatment center, most recently assisting those desiring recovery for substance abuse issues. Krista is excited to return to her greatest passion facilitating treatment in the area of eating disorders. Krista is passionate about the role of emotion regulation and connection in the healing process and enjoys supporting clients in recovering greater connection to self, others, interests, and positive environments through the use of DBT skills.

Krista finds beauty in working with each individual, seeing the growth process and emergence of greater self in the client as the process evolves. Krista holds a MA in Counseling, as well as a BA in Psychology, seeking to foster peace, stability, and life through assisting individuals in seeking greater understanding of self.

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