Category: Generational Trauma

A trip home: A Lesson in Transgenerational Trauma

I recently had the opportunity to train an amazing group of professionals at a hospital in eastern Oregon, and it had me driving right through the town where I grew up! I decided to take a little detour through the main drag (about a 5-minute endeavor) to enjoy a little nostalgia. When you drive through my hometown in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon, you will see murals of the local... Read More

I Was Leaving Sedona

  I was leaving Sedona, not on a fast train, but on a 10 passenger shuttle to the Phoenix airport and as I entered I realized what bad planning I had created. This was a 2 hour ride and the seats were filled from other hotels and 3 people including myself who were in a really peaceful, spiritual place after a 5 day retreat.

The Great I Am

Today I read a post on Facebook from  someone who finds  joy and motivation in the writings of Joel Osteen: “GOD is called the Great I Am, not the great I will be. He wants to show you HIS favor today.”

Shine On

I am in awe of Marianne Williamson’s grasp of the Soul and Spirit and I offer you this gift……. OUR DEEPEST FEAR by Marianne Williamson from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles.

Tree of Life

The assignment of doing a Family Tree has long been used in Addictions to determine various addictions, codependency and family traits of the addict. You know, Hero child, mascot, scapegoat, codependent, comedian, plumber, parentified child. I made up the plumber role, but in my house that was an important skill to have. My father was a plumber and often left at least 1 part of the job undone or incomplete.