Detoxification Treatment Program for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction cause changes in both brain and body chemistry. Detoxification from drugs or alcohol and their byproducts is a key initial step to rehabilitation and recovery. The detoxification program at The Refuge, A Healing Place provides medical supervision during the critical early stages of abstinence and withdrawal. Withdrawal from all substances can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging and withdrawal from certain substances can be potentially life-threatening. Under medical supervision, users can detoxify in a safe, professional environment. Our Medical Director, Dr. Douglas Davies, is fellowship trained in Addiction Medicine and certified by The American Board of Addiction Medicine. The detox program is also supported by a staff of nurses well-versed in care for the addicted population.

Why Choose Our Detox Program?

The Refuge’s detoxification phase of treatment is individualized for each client. The average length of detoxification is 7-10 days, which is often followed by comprehensive residential treatment with certified trauma therapist. Using the most current scientific evidence, pharmacotherapy is instituted to assist with the detoxification including, as appropriate, medications such as buprenorphine and naltrexone for opioid addiction, nicotine replacement therapy and Chantix for tobacco addiction, and disulfiram and topiramate for alcohol addiction.

Detoxification and subsequent residential therapy are also rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy including EMDR techniques, motivation, group therapy, and experiential therapy including Somatic Experiencing®. Treatment is adapted to each client and his/her needs through the process. The length of our detox program, like our rehabilitation phase, is adjusted to ensure sufficient time is allowed for healing to occur. Community level support is also encouraged through AA/NA meetings both on and off property.

Continuing Care – What Comes Next?

Continuing medical care occurs throughout the treatment process. Our medical staff continually monitors and treats the signs and symptoms of withdrawal as the client transitions from the detoxification phase to the residential treatment phase to the outpatient and transitional living phases. Our detox program uses evidence-based medicine and is in accordance with ASAM, SAMSHA and NIDA guidelines. Treatment is available for detoxification from opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol, prescription medications, crack, cocaine, methamphetamine and more.

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