Residential Treatment Program for Trauma & Addiction


Our vision at The Refuge is to care for each client individually by:

  • Providing an environment of healing in a safe and friendly residential treatment atmosphere. Healing will be encouraged through classical, individual, group and experiential therapy.
  • Encouraging all clients to be involved in every aspect of their residential treatment plan.
  • Providing assessments to each client in order to meet his or her social and cultural needs.
  • Providing a treatment approach that is based on individual assessment.
  • Offering a wide variety of services to clients (clinical, medical, case management and ancillary) to include intensive therapy for substance abuse, process addictions, trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder resolution, co-dependency, family healing, dual diagnosis and impaired professionals.
  • Facilitating clients and their families in the program decision-making process.

The Refuge is one of the nation’s leaders in trauma and addictions treatment. For the past ten years, our residential treatment program has specialized in treating trauma/PTSD, substance abuse, process addictions and all self-destructive behaviors. The Refuge uses 12 step based recovery, experiential therapy, and holistic modalities to assist clients from around the world in uncovering the layers of trauma and underlying issues that have caused their lives to become unmanageable. Located on 94 acres of the Ocala National Forest, The Refuge offers serenity, seclusion, and tranquility, making it the perfect place to heal.

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Family Week

The Refuge Family Week consists of a variety of different educational presentations, experiential groups and individual sessions that allow family members to understand behaviors, mend relationships and establish boundaries. The Refuge understands that when clients come to treatment, they are not the only ones that need to heal and regain a healthy state of living. At The Refuge we consider this four-day therapeutic program to be a very integral part of the treatment process.

*Family weeks are every six weeks and require client and counselor approval.*

More Family Information

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