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In Defense of Lying

Guest Blogger: Monica O’Connell, MA LMFT As a trauma therapist, I spend a lot of time educating people about how we got ourselves into the pickle of using a specific behavior to solve life problems.  All the while now knowing that those behaviors aren’t working for us any more and counting to do them. It might have worked brilliantly to get drunk in college; c’mon, all our friends did it.... Read More

Grief, Animals and “Burly” Men

It was one of those awkward first sessions of a grief group at the Refuge.  Ten residents ranging from 18 to 40 something sat in a circle looking like they would just as soon be having a root canal.  I had learned early on to acknowledge and address the discomfort in the room right off the bat.

The Broken Lens

A speaker told this story during the third module of my training to become a Certified Trauma Therapist. The story, which I hope to be fictitious, is one I led groups on once I did in fact become a trauma therapist. The way in which I would tell it went like this: