Archive: March 2017

The Selfish Me

“As a night nurse, I want to be able to tell clients that we are here not just for meds but also to listen to them” Rosemarie Stanton, RN, The Refuge – A Healing Place “Look at me. You called me strong. I always take care of you, my love, my family, my friends and yet I always feel alone. I cry too you know. I need a shoulder to cry... Read More

Go Ahead and Celebrate: Overpowering Imposter Syndrome

In a recent interview with ABC News Viola Davis made a comment that took the world by surprise and hit all to close to home for so many of us. Davis, who has won an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony for her work said “I still feel like I’m going to wake up and everybody’s going to see me for the hack I am.” This nagging doubt that we... Read More

In Defense of Lying

Guest Blogger: Monica O’Connell, MA LMFT As a trauma therapist, I spend a lot of time educating people about how we got ourselves into the pickle of using a specific behavior to solve life problems.  All the while now knowing that those behaviors aren’t working for us any more and counting to do them. It might have worked brilliantly to get drunk in college; c’mon, all our friends did it.... Read More