Archive: February 2015

Working Through Legal Issues In Treatment

By: Mark Rosen Case Manager, The Refuge – A Healing Place Clients with legal issues in treatment typically experience anxiety and fear about their current and future outcomes.  Admitting to treatment alone can be an unnerving process, but imagine entering treatment with legal problems, and you believe that you might be facing incarceration after successfully completing treatment.  With effective communication, letter writing, and excellent advocacy on behalf of the client,... Read More

When Medical Trauma Becomes More Than A Broken Leg

By: Kristen Smith, LMHC Therapist, The Refuge – A Healing Place I have worked in the field of trauma therapy since the mid 1990’s. As a survivor of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse, I did not become fully aware of also having a medical trauma history until Friday January 9, 2015.   I was aware of my medical injuries as a child, yet not aware of their impacts.  As... Read More

A Circle A Day

By Annie Kaja Reed Stress is a common factor that exacerbates all of the mental disorders. Learning ways to physically, emotionally, and mentally cope with and reframe stress is a common element to the work we as therapists do. Let’s make sure that art making is in the stress resiliency tool box! Here’s why: Art therapy has been increasingly shown to be an evidence-based intervention in the  treatment of and... Read More

Trauma Bonding, Codependency & Toxic Relationships

By: Janina Sola, Therapist One of the most challenging aspects of life is forming healthy bonds and relationships with others.  When mixed with a history of trauma, it can become even more complicated.  Often times, a person who has experienced trauma, forms an unhealthy loyalty to others which is termed as trauma bonding.  Trauma bonding means that the “victims have a certain dysfunctional attachments that occurs in the presence of... Read More

The Courage To Make The Call

By: Krystal Bush, MSW Admissions Coordinator One thing that all of our clients, past and present, have in common is that their journey to recovery started with a phone call.  This is for all of those brave souls that made that call on their own and for the loved ones who called on their behalf.