Archive: August 2014

The Healing Power of Film

By: Tom Pecca, MA, CAS, CSAT, CTT Therapist – The Refuge – A Healing Place “Robin Williams has taken his own life!” I received that text last week and, at first I thought it was just one more internet hoax like so many others. When I started to see the news reports roll in and, realized this was not a stupid internet prank but, a true human tragedy it began... Read More

Beneath The Surface

It’s hard to understand addiction sometimes. It’s really hard to understand when it’s someone you care for and they are looking back at you, clearly intoxicated by whatever their favorite form of controlled dissociation is (drugs, alcohol, sex, food/not eating food, gambling), and they are again lying, again manipulating and again doing all the things we can’t stand. 

Connecting The Empowered Dots

By: Brandy Harris, MA, LMHC-I Intensive Outpatient Program Manager I have been at The Refuge Transitions since May of 2012. We work with individuals from all walks of life; some have experienced multiple treatments, some are stepping down from residential treatment, and others are coming to us for treatment for the first time.  A common connection between many of these individuals is how they find ways to heal. 

Coming Home to the Self

By: Annie Kaja Reed, BA, CAS Counselor, The Refuge – A Healing Place For me, the process of recovery from mental disorders such as addiction and PTSD, is one of returning into the beauty, love and inherent goodness of life. PTSD, addiction, depression and other ways our bodies and minds enter dysfunction shut us off from experiencing the positives about our selves and life. This is part of the viciousness of... Read More