Archive: October 2014

You Can Sit Here If You Want

By: Janina SolaTherapist, The Refuge – A Healing Place I’ll never forget the scene in the movie “Forest Gump” when Forest was to attend his first day of school.  Forest began the day with his mother at the bus stop and upon entering the bus and after some “formal” introductions with the bus driver, he proceeded to find a seat on the bus.  Forest was turned down by the children... Read More

Courage To Be Known

By: David Moss, LMHC, CTT3 Outpatient Therapist, The Refuge – A Healing Place During my internship in my Masters in Counseling program I was shown a video of a Ted Talk by Brene Brown that has shaped how I approach counseling to this day. While working on her doctorate Brene collected data on what connects us as human beings and she found an interesting theme, instead of people sharing what connected them... Read More