Archive: January 2014

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men and Women and Children There is a dramatic difference in the way researchers and most therapists see the world and the people of the world. For very good ethical reasons researchers generally do their magic with mice and correlate that to the lives of people. Well, I am very excited about the study of epigenetics and its impact on the understanding of intergenerational trauma, its impact... Read More

A Grieving Heart

The Refuge is Blessed to have an extremely talented, committed and compassionate staff. For this blog, THE HEART of Trauma we are delighted to occasionally have a guest blogger from our clinical staff. So in addition to my blog on Wednesday, today Cheryl Bailey, LMHC, CGC, CTT  our nationally known Grief Therapist is sharing her wisdom. A Grieving Heart: At a workshop I attended, I heard: Traumatic grief is like... Read More

Shadow of our Ancestors

TRAUMA: In the Shadow of Our Ancestors Everyone has a story. There is a personal story, a family story, a mythology and a historical story that is often a mystery. There are answers awaiting us in our untold ancestral story. First let me say that this topic is enormous and overarching for trauma survivors. I will be blogging about this for 2-3 weeks. Please join the conversation.

Honoring The Lessons Of 2013

Let’s celebrate the New Year and welcome 2014 and all of its mystery and possibilities and honor the lessons of 2013. One of the most common statements by family members and clients is, ” My life was wonderful and perfect, there is no trauma or causes, there is no reason for my despair, addiction, unhappy life, out of control behaviors, dysfunctional relationships, self harming behaviors, low self esteem, anger, anxiety….”fill... Read More