Archive: December 2013

The Deepest Soul Wound

During this most joyful of holiday seasons we often see the overwhelming antithesis of joy; loneliness, sadness and even despair. The deepest and most harmful of traumas are ABANDONMENT and NEGLECT. The pervasive constant message that an individual is not worthy of care and attention, that no one is really available or willing to care and nurture you. As loving, spiritual beings reaching out to one another can truly make... Read More

A Portrait Of Trauma

I want to share a story about an angry young man, late 20s, extremely bright and educated, with a history of chronic relapse, legal problems, alienation from family and friends and extreme loneliness. Drugs of choice meth, cocaine, and Adderall which had been prescribed to him as a child of 7 years old. We were titrating the Adderall, he was not happy. We asked, “What was going on at 7... Read More

The Heart Of Trauma

The logo of this blog, that beautifully painted heart is the healing work of an incredibly talented young lady who has overcome enormous trauma and become a shining star, a woman of substance and purpose.  Her story is riveting. She awoke one morning and found her fiancée overdosed in her bed. She was unaware of his heroin addiction. Her recourse was overwhelming depression and dissociation. For about a year and... Read More