Eating Disorder Treatment & Rehab Center

When battling an addiction, struggling with the effects of trauma, and/or suffering from an unmanaged mental health condition, many people sometimes resort to unhealthy methods of coping that can add to their strife. Additionally, these sort of concerns can even cause a person to resume once-defeated behaviors in a misguided attempt to emotionally escape the pain of chemical dependency, trauma, or mental illness symptoms. When this is the case, the problematic behaviors and psychological distress that form must be cared for as well. Among the sort of cumbersome issues that impact those grappling with the aforementioned concerns, thought processes and behaviors that resemble eating disorders are sometimes present and need to be addressed when proper treatment is sought.

At The Refuge, A Healing Place, we are deeply committed to helping you be as successful as possible in your pursuit of a healthier and more satisfying life. Our compassionate staff is ready, willing, and able to assist you in any way that they can, and they are adept at identifying and providing care for disordered eating behaviors and the thoughts behind them so that you can both reach and exceed your recovery goals. And while The Refuge is not a primary eating disorder treatment center, you can trust that our rehab services can provide you with the skills, confidence, and resources you’re going to need to live the bountiful existence that awaits you.

Furthermore, treatment at The Refuge is meant to be a well-rounded and fully holistic experience that can set the stage for long-term healing. When you come to our center, we will work closely with you, devise a thorough plan of care, and do our very best to assist you in developing a healthy sense of self, enhanced confidence, and a relationship with food and exercise that’s life-changing.

Treatment for Addiction and Disordered Eating

If you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol but also feel an overwhelming compulsion to control your weight or body image in some way, we, at The Refuge, can help you heal from the turmoil that you’ve been experiencing and guide you towards the sober future that you deserve. For some men and women, and perhaps even you, the abuse of substances can change eating habits and cause weight fluctuations. In response to this, some people try to restrict food intake or try to prevent weight gain in some other way because they’re unhappy with how they look and/or feel since the abuse of substances took hold of their lives. When this is the case for you, we’ll help you understand yourself, your addiction, and the ways in which you can improve your perception of yourself by living a healthy, nutritious, and sober lifestyle that can serve you well for a lifetime.

Treatment for Trauma and Disordered Eating

When suffering from the clinical symptoms of an eating disorder, individuals are frequently trying to feel a sense of control over their lives and enact this power through eating and/or exercising rituals. Similarly, when suffering from the effects of trauma, some people want to feel in control of their feelings and sometimes transfer that desire for control into their eating/exercise habits. Even if the behaviors they develop and thoughts they experience do not meet criteria for an eating disorder like anorexia, bulimia, or binge-eating disorder, using food and physical activity as a means of coping with trauma is unhealthy. At The Refuge, we’ll help you form a greater understanding of how your traumatic past influences your present. And, if your way of coping with your inner turmoil has manifested in the form of altering your eating/exercising habits, we’ll offer you the tools needed to heal your soul wounds, realize and put into place healthy eating habits, and support you as you recover in mind, body, and spirit.

Treatment for Mental Health Disorders and Disordered Eating

Disorders like depression, anxiety, and other conditions are known to occur alongside other emotional disturbances at the same time. For example, many men and women come to The Refuge in search of reprieve from their emotional pain and discover that more than one kind of illness is hindering their ability to live a healthy life. Furthermore, certain other problematic behaviors, like engaging in disordered eating habits, exist at the same time as mental health disorders and require additional care as a result. Therefore, if you’ve been dieting in an unhealthy manner, excessively exercising to control your weight, or go to drastic measures to alter your body shape and weight, our expertly trained and devoted treatment team can help you not only learn the importance of good nutrition and exercise, but they can help you understand how disordered eating impacts your mental health disorder and guide you towards developing appropriate skills for managing the symptoms of the mental illness that is affecting your life.

At The Refuge, our main priority is to help you heal in every way possible, and we want to give you every feasible advantage when it comes to making your life better. So, if you’re grappling with trauma, addiction, and/or mental health concerns and engage in dangerous eating habits as a means of dealing with your dismay, know that we’re here for you.

Here, our rehab treatment can truly help you realize a future that is happy, healthy, and bright.

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