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The Lady In The Waiting Room

I was sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office one day and overheard a woman talking about addiction…how it “impacts everyone” and how the addict “just keeps on using”.  How she wanted to go to “those meetings” and tell “those addicts” just how badly they hurt others; how they need to listen to their family and friends and just stop it.  As a therapist in the field of... Read More

The Selfish Me

“As a night nurse, I want to be able to tell clients that we are here not just for meds but also to listen to them” Rosemarie Stanton, RN, The Refuge – A Healing Place “Look at me. You called me strong. I always take care of you, my love, my family, my friends and yet I always feel alone. I cry too you know. I need a shoulder to cry... Read More

Be Present and Let Go

By: Janina Sola Therapist, The Refuge – A Healing Place As I sat and wondered about the many topics of trauma and my contribution based on the insight of theoretical perspectives into trauma, I realized that although there is an abundance of research that points to why we do this treatment, most of what I do as a clinician relates back to an innate ability to relate to clients in... Read More