Intergenerational Trauma and the Holocaust

Webinar: April 22nd at 1pm EST

During this webinar, professionals will be able to clearly see how Holocaust Survivors trauma was transmitted to their children and grandchildren affecting them psychologically. In the field of trauma we have learned that it’s visceral and the anxiety, feelings of secrecy and over involvement are passed down to generations. The goal of this webinar is to connect this, to other intergenerational traumas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Psychological effects of 2nd generation
  • How Holocaust survivor’s trauma/emotional pain affects their children’s thoughts, beliefs and behaviors
  • Feelings of secrets or overflowing of traumatic information
  • Effects identity, self-esteem, interpersonal interactions
  • Other intergenerational Trauma’s

Jenna BrodyPresenter:

Jenna Brody received her Master’s degree from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and has been a counselor for 4 years with a focus on providing a compassionate, loving and caring approach to helping clients see their true potential. “Through my own recovery I have seen how much trauma has affected my life today, and I would like to help people go on a different path,” says Jenna. “People escape themselves through drugs, food, self-mutilation and relationships, but being able to love yourself for who you are is really important because from there you are able to make healthy decisions.”