Webinar: The Impact of Trauma & Addiction on Affect and Cognition


Presentation Overview

This presentation will demonstrate the resulting affective instability and distorted thinking that occurs in traumatized individuals who develop substance use disorders within the framework of a case study paradigm. Implications on treatment planning will also be addressed based on the clinical presentation of the client with co-morbid PTSD/Polysubstance Dependence in early recovery.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the types of cognitive distortions and affective manifestations of depression and anxiety that occur in clients who have co-morbid PTSD & Substance Use Disorders.
  • Discuss the advantages of conducting a comprehensive assessment that includes addressing trauma history as a part of the overall substance use and psychiatric disorders evaluation in order to focus on cognitive and affective issues related to the trauma/dependence interaction effect.
  • Be able to develop an effective treatment plan that is designed to confront “I Statements” provided by the client in the context of the assessment and indicate affective and cognitive pathology.
  • Presenter Information