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William Beagan, MS, CAP, CHT, CTT, IMH 11979


Billy Beagan joined The Refuge in 2005 bringing with him many decades of experience in the recovery community. He  graduated from Springfield College with a Bachelor’s degree in human services/addiction studies and has his  Master’s in mental health. In addition, Billy is a Certified Hypnotist, has a background in psychology and has completed his certification requirements to become an Addictions Professional. Billy’s natural therapeutic instinct allows him to quickly engage clients, while maintaining a healthy atmosphere to do intensive work around trauma, underlying issues and addiction. For the past six years, he has brought the reality of making recovery work to clients through practical, street smart expertise. In 2010, Billy started an all men’s group at Refuge Transitions Wellness Center and IOP for the Ocala Community.

Billy’s 34 years of experience and fundamental knowledge of 12 step recovery and PTSD resolution, combined with his deep compassion for clients has made him a tremendous asset to the healing work at The Refuge.

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