Emily Ferencik holds a Master of Science degree in nutrition from the State University of New York at Oneonta, where she also completed her undergraduate studies in dietetics.  She completed her dietetic internship working in a variety clinical and community settings with a focus on women and children, and earned her Registered Dietitian status in 2012.  Emily holds a holistic health coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has completed additional training in herbal medicine and yoga since completing her academic studies.

For the past several years Emily’s primary work has been in the treatment of eating disorders.  She served as a university campus dietitian supporting students, athletes, faculty and staff struggling with disordered eating as well as developed and ran programming in ED support and personal growth.  She has since worked in outpatient practice specializing in eating disorders as well as residential treatment with dual diagnosis eating disorder/substance abuse clients.

Emily adores sharing nutrition knowledge, but her true passion is empowering clients to find balance through trust and connection with the innate wisdom of their own bodies.  In practice, she utilizes evidence-based approaches grounded in her own holistic orientation to support healing and growth.  Emily treats all clients within a Health at Every Size and Non-diet framework with an appreciation for each individual’s unique story.  She hopes to help clients experience how undertaking the journey toward food and body freedom can not only awaken true health and vitality, but provide a foundation for living a full, embodied life.