Category: Expressive Therapy

Healing Through Experiential Therapy

When an individual experiences a traumatic event it can impact the emotional, physical and spiritual state of that person. As a survival mechanism, the body and mind tend to disconnect to allow the person to cope with the unwanted experience. While traditional talk therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, can be helpful, experiential therapies allow the individual to access various parts of the brain not traditionally accessed by talk therapy.... Read More

A Circle A Day

By Annie Kaja Reed Stress is a common factor that exacerbates all of the mental disorders. Learning ways to physically, emotionally, and mentally cope with and reframe stress is a common element to the work we as therapists do. Let’s make sure that art making is in the stress resiliency tool box! Here’s why: Art therapy has been increasingly shown to be an evidence-based intervention in the  treatment of and... Read More

The Use of Cinema Therapy In Treatment

I have always loved the concept of story as a healing tool. Since the dawn of man and cave paintings, humans have used story to teach and inspire. The medicine men would tell legends and stories to the tribe to teach them both what to do and what not to do. Mythology is filled with stories of hero’s, villains, trials and tribulations all to show man how to move forward... Read More

The Healing Power of Film

By: Tom Pecca, MA, CAS, CSAT, CTT Therapist – The Refuge – A Healing Place “Robin Williams has taken his own life!” I received that text last week and, at first I thought it was just one more internet hoax like so many others. When I started to see the news reports roll in and, realized this was not a stupid internet prank but, a true human tragedy it began... Read More